CAA, Maritime & Police Examinations

A number of our Optometrists are endorsed and may conduct vision examinations for:

  • Maritime
  • The New Zealand Police Force
  • The Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority Vision Examinations:

Our endorsed CAA Optometrist can conduct examinations across all licence classes. Those wishing to obtain certification must meet the very strict CAA standard:

  • Class 1: Pilots – Commercial
  • Class 2: Pilots – Private Licences
  • Class 3: Air Traffic Control Officers

Please ensure you bring your Photo identification card with you to the examination. Examinations are one hour and involve a dilated retinal assessment. This means we temporarily enlarge the pupil with eye drops. Your vision returns to normal after a few hours but we recommend you bring someone to drive you home.

Maritime Vision Examinations:

Our Optometrist conducts examinations for all levels of the Standard Nautical Certificate. These include the following vocations:

  • Local Launch Operator (LLO)
  • Certified Deckhand
  • Engineering Certificates
  • Advanced Deckhand
  • Inshore Launchmasters (ILM)

We refer externally for those requiring particular Colour Vision testing such as the Begat or the Lantern Test. Please ensure you bring your photo identification card with you to your vision examination.

NZ Police Vision Examinations:

All Optometrists at Hawera Eyecare are endorsed to conduct Police Level 1 Vision Examinations. The NZ Police require:

  • Certain standards of vision with glasses and without
  • You pass a colour vision test and have no red/green defects

For those who have had Laser Eye Surgery, you will need to source a Police Level 2 Examiner.