Our Technology

Medmont Visual Field Analyser

By examining your peripheral (side) vision we can detect neuro-visual abnormalities or diseases such as glaucoma.

Topcon Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging is complimentary in every comprehensive vision examination. We can monitor for disease such as glaucoma, or macular degeneration.

E-Eye Intense Pulse Light

Light stimulates your meibomian oil producing glands and can improve symptoms of dry-eye.


Gentle moist heat stimulates oil flow from your meibomian glands, and can improve symptoms of dry eye.

Corneal Pachymeter

We measure your corneal thickness as part of pre-laser suitability assessments, or to help us in glaucoma management.

Icare Tonometer

The brand new Icare measures the internal pressure in your eye. This is an important tool in all vision examinations.

Medmont Corneal Topographer

The brand new topographer creates a digital map of the eye’s cornea. This is useful in contact lens fitting or when diagnosing corneal disease.


Our brand new Vertometer measures the strength of your current lenses, reads a UV protection factor and indicates the level of tint in your glasses.

Punctal Plugs

Permanent or dissolvable punctal plugs are inserted into your lower punctum. This reduces tear evaporation to assist in dry-eye.


The Visioffice tracks your eye movement within 3D space. This generates parameters, unique to you, we can use when making up your new spectacles.