Our Pricing


Below is a list of our more common services and the associated fees.

Every Comprehensive Vision Examination includes complimentary digital retinal photography.


Comprehensive Vision Examination

Seniors and Community Service Cards:
 Children 15 years and under
Adult Existing contact lens wearers:
Additional Contact Lens Appointment:

Standard New Contact Lens Fitting

One follow-up:

Complex New Contact Lens Fitting:

Up to four follow ups:
$299 – $449

Medical Eyecare:

Fee Complexity Dependent:
$80 – $140

Dry Eye Assessment:

Tailored Assessment

IPL Dry Eye Treatment:

Three Laser IPL sessions:

Blephasteam Treatment:

 Heat therapy session:

Meares-Irlen Assessment:

Comprehensive Colorimeter:


Initial Year. Three follow-ups:


Subsequent Years. Three follow-ups:

Home Visit:

We come to you:

Dilated Retinal Examination:

Complete dilation:

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT):

3D Ocular Scan:

Visual Fields Assessment:

Peripheral Vision Analysis:

Tear Duct Irrigation:

Clear tear ducts:

Driver’s Licence Screening:

Standard screen:


* Existing Contact Lens Wearer Examination: 

Students and children are $108