Let’s make things Clearer – Occupational Lenses

Are you getting fed up searching for your reading glasses? You’re sick of taking them on and off every time you want to look further than arm’s length?

Many of my patients need their reading glasses, but don’t like the idea of progressives or bifocals. Many don’t want to wear glasses full time.

A few years ago a new development came on the scene: Occupationals are a great lens for those who need help with their reading, but want to see things just a little further away too.

Occupationals act as reading glasses with an extended range. They allow you to see further across the room so you don’t have to keep taking them off. They tend to be much easier to adapt to than progressive lenses, and unlike a bifocal don’t have a physical dividing line within the lens.

There are many types of occupational lenses. Digitime lenses can have a range of up to one metre, with an extra boost for near work and your phone. Some advanced lenses extend your range to 4-5 metres. These lenses are called ID Workstyle lenses, made by internationally acclaimed manufacturers.

ID Workstyle lenses are very advantageous for those needing middle distances at eye level, such as the computer or music on a music stand. If you want to see further across the room you can do so by tilting your head downwards slightly and looking in through the topmost portion of the lens. No more looking over your glasses to see further away!

For more information on occupational lenses you can contact your Optometrist. You can also book a comprehensive vision assessment to discuss the lens that would best suit you.

Article By Kerry Bennett.

About Kerry

Kerry Bennett is an Optometrist practising at Hawera Eyecare. He provides comprehensive vision examinations, and has special interests in the dispensing, design and glazing of optical lenses.